Amadeus(莫扎特)推出ML 28 超低音音箱


Uniquely designed, powerful new subwoofer with dual 18-inch speakers
now available in European and Asian markets

Paris, France — September 24, 2013 — Amadeus, based in France, one of the premiere manufacturers of high-end sound reinforcement systems, has announced that their highly-anticipated ML 28 subwoofer is now shipping and available through dealers in Europe and Asia. The ML 28 subwoofer was premiered at the 2013 Musikmesse Prolight + Sound Frankfurt Expo. The new subwoofer, fitted with dual 18-inch speakers, combines a set of unique acoustical properties with high-timbral precision and extraordinary power handling capability. The ML 28 system is designed for use with conventional loudspeakers as well as line array systems manufactured by Amadeus, including the company’s PMX, UDX and DIVA Series, and includes standard presets that are compatible with all well-known digital crossovers. Pricing on the new ML 28 subwoofer for Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China is 78990.00 CNY.

法国,巴黎-2013年9月24日-Amadeus(莫扎特),总部在法国。一家专业提供高端音频解决方案和服务的公司。正式宣布他们高度期待的ML 28超低音音箱现正发售,并通过欧洲和亚洲的代理商/经销商陆续抵达,隆重登陆市场。ML 28的首次亮相是在2013年法兰克福的Musikmesse展会上,这个全新的超低音音箱,装备了双18英寸的驱动单元,融合了高精准的音色和非凡的强大功率。ML 28超低音音箱是为Amadeus(莫扎特)传统的扩声音箱和线性阵列音箱所设计,包括公司的PMX,UDX和DIVA系列。涵盖了行业最知名的数字音频处理器的预设置。ML 28超低音音箱在香港,澳门和中国大陆的价格为78990.00人民币。


One of the most stunning innovations for the new Amadeus ML 28 subwoofer is the proprietary internal reinforcement structure designed to neutralize any standing waves and to suppress energy loss caused by vibrations. This unique construction technique creates an unmatched tonal accuracy for low frequencies, even at high sound pressure levels.  Engineers at Amadeus worked to compute these detailed and important internal physical characteristics, then built prototypes and tested them, then refined the structure until their sonic expectations were met.

ML 28超低音音箱其中最令人震惊的创新在于她内部的“内部强化式”的结构,使任何驻波都被抵消和因震动而导致的能量损失得到很好的压制。这种独一无二的结构技术设计创造了低频中不匹配的音调准确配对,尽管在高声压级的情况下也能表现卓越。Amadeus(莫扎特)工程师们经过大量的研发工作对每一细节进行反复试验和推算,对内部结构的物理参数也做了严苛的研究。而后,创作出雏形并反复测试,不断优化内部结构直至期待的声音效果完全吻合。


Initially designed for the Chinese market, Gaetan BYK, Marketing Manager at Amadeus, describes the genesis of the ML 28: “The Amadeus brand philosophy is built on the long-standing, close and productive relationships we maintain with our customers, both in France and around the world for over 35 years. The custom-made products manufacturing, following acoustical or technical issues as well as market demands, is a glorious tradition at Amadeus, which serves this philosophy. Originally designed for the Chinese market, the new ML 28 is the concrete expression of this ethos.”

“起初是为中国市场而设计的”,Gaetan BYK,Amadeus(莫扎特)市场总监描述ML 28的起源:“Amadeus(莫扎特)的品牌哲学是与客户建立长期,紧密和高效合作,35年来同法国或全球合作伙伴都从不改变。客户定制的产品,严格按照声学设计和技术指标以及市场需求。这是Amadeus(莫扎特)的光荣传统,全新的ML 28起初为中国市场而设计,完美地诠释了这一哲学理念。


Wymen WONG, CEO of Sign King Limited, which was appointed exclusive distributor of Amadeus brand in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, adds: “The rapidly growing professional A/V equipment market aimed at rental companies and entertainment infrastructures in China, including sporting and leisure sites, live music clubs, performing arts centers and various nightlife venues, required us to propose more and more sophisticated, consistent and efficient technical solutions. We needed to provide our customers with a dual 18-inch speaker subwoofer, combining unmatched sonic properties, cutting-edge technology with hand-craftsmanship to make it unique. Charmed by the Amadeus history, values and savoir-faire and maintaining very close relationships with their teams, it seemed natural to ask them to develop this new subwoofer project for our market, which is going to be successful.”

Wymen WONG,(黄伟文),广州世乾的CEO,此公司被官方地任命为香港,澳门和中国大陆唯一的品牌总代理补充说:“日新月异,发展神速的专业音频/视频设备市场瞄准了中国的租赁市场和娱乐市场,包括体育盛事,休闲会所,现场音乐会,艺术表演中心和各种夜店。要求我们提供精致,成熟稳定,高效率且完善的解决方案。我们需要提供一款双18-英寸的超低音音箱给客户,融合美仑美奂的音效,尖端的技术和完美的手工让其独一无二,让她在Amadeus(莫扎特)史册中魅力四射。高贵,才华横溢和维持与他们团队的紧密关系。顺其自然地请他们为中国市场开发一崭新地超低音项目,这将会是成功的。“


As a dual speaker enclosure, the ML 28 is equipped with two 18-inch (46 cm) high-power transducers with ventilated voice coils, including high-density neodymium magnets and Double Silicon Spider (DSS) to improve excursion control and linearity. The two drivers are positioned in direct-radiating mode. The ML 28 is also equipped with low-velocity laminar ports using progressive termination, which optimize the air streams to limit the effects of port compression and extremity diffraction. The ML 28 offers an extraordinary sound pressure level of up to 141 dB with a power handling capacity of 5.600 W at nominal 4-ohm impedance.

对于一个双单元音箱,ML 28装备了两只18-英寸(46cm)的带通风音圈的大功率驱动单元,包括高密度钕磁和双层Silicon弹波来改善和控制冲程和线性。两个单元设计为直接辐射模式。ML 28 也装备使用改进的末端的低速流线型的倒相管,以优化空气的流动从而限制导相管的压缩和端口衍射的影响。ML 28提供了一个非凡的声压级高达至141分贝,4欧姆标称阻抗,功率达至5600 W。


Revealing a proprietary manufacturing technique, applied to ML 28, Bernard BYK, co-founder of Amadeus and CEO of Atelier 33, the parent company of the Amadeus brand, explains: “This unique construction technique, resulting from a unique marriage of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology, creates, among other things, a dramatic cut in the level of cabinet coloration of the sound using a longitudinal and transverse reinforcement crossed structure. It is partly inspired by the internal technicality of our custom studio monitoring systems, which result from processes borrowed from the aircraft industry and in particular the construction of the airplane wings.”

“Amadeus(莫扎特)独特的制造技术,应用到ML 28中。Amadeus(莫扎特)联合创始人和 Atelier 33 的CEO -Bernard BYK先生解释说:“这种独特的结构技术,是独特的传统手工工艺和先进的技术的联姻。首创!其中包括箱体颜色使用设计以及纵向和横向钢筋交叉结构的内部结构带来的声音都展示出戏剧性的高度!部分灵感来自我们高级定制的录音棚监听系统,其成果源于航空工业,尤其是飞机机翼的结构。”


Michel DELUC, lead designer at Amadeus, adds more detail about this construction method, “It has been designed to neutralize the standing waves affecting both the sonic clarity and definition of the lowest frequencies. We achieve this through an extremely complex internal reinforcement structure, using a combination of interlocking panels arranged in two perpendicular planes, each hosting several tuned notch resonators.”

Michel DELUC, Amadeus(莫扎特)首席设计师,对这种工艺加以更多的细节描述: “为设计消除驻波影响而达到声音的清晰度和最低频率的定义。我们期望通过极其复杂的补强的内部结构,使用组合的互联的面板上安排了2个垂直的面板,使得每个组合都有几个经过调整的共振腔。


Designed to be used on the road for live events fitted with accessories to make its handling easier, the ML 28 subwoofer can also be used within fixed or long-lasting installations for amazing low-end audio reinforcement. The subwoofer is available in a highly wear resistant black (water-soluble) paint finish, but is also available in several standard colors. Or the ML 28 can be ordered in a ‘made to measure’ finish, based on registered or non-registered colors and/or materials. To offer more possibilities, the cabinet and the acoustical fabric covering the front grill can each have a different color.

ML 28超低音音箱为现场演出而设计,配备流动式设计。同样也可以使用内固定或长期持久的安装,表现惊人的低频扩声。此超低音涂装高度耐磨的黑色漆(水溶性),但也可选择不同的标准色或高级定制颜色。可参阅“注册或非注册的颜色和/或材料。为了提供更多的可能性,箱体和声学面布材料可自由选择的颜色。


About Amadeus

Amadeus develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-end sound reinforcement loudspeakers, studio monitors and various signal processing interfaces that combine its own custom innovative technology with stylish design, for the professional audio industry. Created in 1992 from the collaboration between the French designer Bernard BYK and the scientist Michel DELUC, the Amadeus brand has grown to become a leading supplier of high-end audio solutions and services for theaters, opera houses, recording studios, research centers and touring concert sound rental operations. All development and product manufacturing is centralized in Atelier 33 headquarters in France, with field offices and authorized distributors located in Europe, Asia and UAE.


Amadeus是一家从事研发、生产和销售高端扩声扬声器,监听音箱和多种信号处理接口的公司,为专业音响行业融入了含有丰富时尚设计元素的定制创新技术。1992年由法国设计师Bernard BYK 和声学科学家 Michel DELUC合作创办。Amadeus品牌逐步发展成为影剧院、歌剧院、录音棚、研究所提供高端音频解决方案和服务的供应商,为流动演出提供扩声租赁业务。所有的研发和生产都设在法国总部Atelier 33公司,欧洲、亚洲 和阿拉伯联合酋长国均设有代理商。

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About Atelier 33

Founded in 1977 by Bernard BYK, Atelier 33 pioneered reusable packaging in France, and is now the premiere French flight case maker, historically and in terms of production volume. Atelier 33 also has its own electro-acoustic research department, mainly dedicated to architectural acoustics for recording studios, theaters, opera houses and concert halls. The Atelier 33 company expanded its activities in 1992 by creating an innovative new product line including speakers, allying unique acoustical properties, a pristine sound image and very high timbral precision, sold under the Amadeus commercial brand.

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关于Atelier 33公司

1977年由Bernard BYK先生创立,公司在法国开创了可反复使用包装的先河,如今从历史上和产量上看,成为法国最早的航空箱厂家。Atelier 33同样设有专业的电声学研发部门,主要专注于为录音棚、影剧院、歌剧院和音乐厅提供建筑声学设计。Atelier 33公司在1992年扩大公司业务范围,创设了一个新产品系列,包括扬声器,由独特的声学参数、原始纯净的声音形象和高级音色精密度贯穿一起,以Amadeus商业品牌销售。

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